The Routine SNEKAO was the first routine within the software package SNEART. The packages supports the concept of a random influenced parameter art – coded in the year 1976 as a subroutine in FORTRAN IV (thats why it has six letters as the maximum length at this time). SNEKAO stands for Schneeberger Karos.



You find the documentation of SNEKAO along with the full software package named SNEART in the book Lehrbuch für Computergrafik by Lothar Limbeck and Reiner Schneeberger, published in 1979 by Ernst Reinhardt Verlag, Munich.

Dietrich Scheringer, a mathematician working at CDT Control Data Training in Nuermberg, recoded SNEBRWs (and many other routines from the SNEART package) in Processing. One of the recodings – SNEKAO – have been uploaded as an update to the Recodeproject. More updates might follow in time, but nevertheless you see there the principle best.

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